Custom Beats/Remix Production

These two types of production services have the same rights and restrictions mentioned in Terms and Conditions, created for Exclusive Rights licenses, as they are being proposed by YB MUZiK.

The only distinctive elements/modifications/adding consist in: “Custom Beats” or “Custom Production” that is usually how Beat-Compositors are sold like, are exclusively created for clients/licensee and sold to clients/licensee, without being made public, furnished or shown to anyone else.

Its selling had only exclusive rights and was never sold before to a third party and anytime; exception made the cases when the client or licensee didn’t pay in time or didn’t respect the specified transaction obligations.

If a client/licensee wants some material such as sound recordings, loops or samples included in the “custom beat”/”custom production” or in the “remix production” by YB MUZiK, he need to know that YB MUZiK will not be made responsible/charged for any eventual legal issues that may intervene.

YB MUZiK asks for a down payment of a half (50%) of the total amount required for the custom beat production. After establishing the client’s/licensee’s wishes and illustrating a plan, client/licensee will receive via e-mail within 72 business hours an initial fragment of the “custom beat” in low quality mp3 format as a tagged demo file. Then, the client/licensee is free to mention any further adds or modifications to the “custom beat”, as he desires, and YB MUZiK will make them precisely, so that the client/licensee gets fully contented with the final product.

When the client/licensee receives the final product, he must sent back a verbal or written consent via e-mail, phone or Skype, and then YB MUZiK will send back to the client/licensee the complete untagged beat, that includes tracked out files, mixed WAV-file and MP3-file + license agreement/acknowledgement of delivery within 24 business hours after paying the second half of the established total amount. YB MUZiK has the right to make public the custom beat or to use it as beat-composition for public purposes in any form, for his own projects, or any way he wishes to, in case the client/licensee does not respect any of the established duties, or the accorded plan of payment.

A professional concession of the concerned beat/s or lower/higher non-exclusive license will then be kept by the client/licensee, in case the amount he already paid cover at least the necessary for this kind of license. YB MUZiK has anytime the exclusive right to send a repayment of the amount deposited by the client/licensee for the “custom beat production” or “remix production”. A professional concession of the concerned beat/s or lower/higher non-exclusive license will then be kept by the client/licensee, in case the amount he already paid cover at least the necessary for this kind of license.


Client/licensee can pay the established amount using PayPal, Western Union, Major Credit Card Payments or Bank transfers, before the delivery of the product. YB MUZiK will only deliver the product after having received the payment, not before. Before delivery, all payments deposited have to be credited.
Each client/licensee is free to establish his own payment plan for services or products, but he has to make a separate written or verbal agreement. These payment plans differ from 2 to 12 payment steps but all of them include that at least a quarter of the amount has to be deposited before, as earnest. The client has to respect his obligations regarding the payment plan including depositing the established rates, dates to keep up with, otherwise he will receive no reimbursement for the amount he already paid caused by administrative work and eventual financial loss. The client will keep an extended premium concession or a professional concession to the specific beat/s only if the total amount covers the necessary for this type of license, and the product will be available again to be sold.
In case of products that are being paid with payment plans, it will be put “on hold” on marketplace and on our website until the payment is fulfilled and the total amount is being deposited, but it will still be available for being rented out even to more than one client at one time, even though they will not be sold with exclusive rights. The established contract, the license agreement and all of the granted rights becomes invalid if any of the parties makes restitution of money. This also happens in case of held, cancelled, incorrect money from any of the parties.

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