Download Beats Policy

To utilize any of our beats, we require you to create a backlink to our website (Beat by, or show one of the banners you find on our site. Rap beats that appear on are subject to small non-profit usage because they have low MP3 quality and vocal safety tags. If you want a beat that you can use in your business, you need a high quality WAV file that doesn’t have vocal tags, but you need to pay for a license first. Go to the Buy Beats 101 web page to find out more about licensing options or click the Rap Beats For Sale and buy a license right now.

We have the lowered the rates and prices for licenses so that everyone that creates new songs can acquire beats and release their new music in a better way. We offer you R&B beats, rap beats or beats with hooks. For a decent price that starts at $24.99 you have legal rights to sell your album, play the songs on radio and perform in live events.

1. Use. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE THE INSTRUMENTAL COMPOSITION THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DOWNLOAD (further referred to as “the Beat”) FOR ANY PROFITABLE, COMMERCIAL OR FINANCIAL USAGE. A PROPER LICENSE MUST BE ACQUIRED BEFORE EXPLOITING THE BEAT. Usage without any requirements to obtain a license (further referred to as “Free Use”) includes:

  •  Duplication of physical copies of the Beat recording for not more than 50 non-profit copies.
  • Advertising the Beat recording in a non-profit way in online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or a personal website.
  • Creating a fully non-profit live event on the Beat.
  • Disseminating the Beat online through all file-names and credits intact (see section 2) or through a tangible medium

2. Credit

You must give credit for the Beat’s production by noting ‘Produced by (Insert Producer Name) for YB MUZiK Productions’ on every official document or surface released with a tangible copy of the Beat recording. Alternately, it’s accepted to mention the Beat’s direct producer’s real name or stage name for the production of the Beat. If you don’t have any ways to give written credit, you must record a vocal credit with the phrase ‘Created by (Insert Producer Name)’ into the Beat’s first 30 seconds.

3. Accountability

By means of this, you admit to compensate, protect and consider YB MUZiK Inc. and all of our officers, owners, employees, agents, information providers, directors, producers, affiliates, and licensors (collectively, “YB MUZiK”) not responsible from and against any and all liability, losses, costs, and expenses (including lawyers’ fees) accrued in relation with any claim arising out of any claim arising out of your usage of the Beat, which includes but is not limited to allegations for copyright infringement, trademark infringement defamation, violation of rights of publicity and/or privacy, and other allegation or responsibility connected to the content, quality, or performance of materials in connection to the Beat. We reserve our right, at our own cost, to presume the absolute defense and authority of any aspect that might be an advantage to you, situation in which you admit to collaborate with our defense of such allegation.

4. Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement at our own discretion or cancel your rights to use or disseminate the Beat at our own discretion, whatever the reason may be.

5. Legal Consequences

We consider any unapproved usage of the Beat, including unapproved reselling to be a direct violation of US Copyright Act of 1976 that contravenes on the copyrights of the works of YB MUZiK. Based on the whole scope of the law, YB MUZiK has the right to file a case in court and obtain monetary reparation as a consequence of any violation of this Agreement.

6. Changes

YB MUZiK reserves the right, at its own discretion, to make changes to this Agreement and any fee, at any moment, active upon the date YB MUZiK posts the new Agreement on the free download web page of the Beat. Your continuous usage of the Beat represents your agreement with this policy, acknowledging the things we might change or modify.

7. Governing Law

This Agreement must comply with the laws of the State of New York, and the parties fully agree to take proper measures to implement these Terms in the federal or state courts located in Kentwood, Michigan. This Agreement represents the whole agreement between you and YB MUZiK with respect to the Beat and overrules all the written or oral agreements that were done before. If one of the parties of the Agreement is not considered valid or enforceable to applicable law, then this arrangement will be presumed overruled by a valid an arrangement that can be implemented that probably resembles the intent of the original plan, and the rest of the Agreement will remain valid.